The Nordic One alliance was initiated as a response to a need expressed by all participating organizations: the need for better collaboration across country borders within the Nordic region.

The Nordic region is world-acclaimed for its many technology exports. Skype, Spotify, Zendesk, Nokia, Opera, Ericsson, Just-Eat, Supercell and Rovio are just some of the companies that have been built from the Nordic region, and this trend does not seem to stop anytime soon. Still, there has never before been any strong collaboration across country borders in the Nordic region, and the Nordic One alliance is set up to do something about this.

We have started many initiatives aimed towards building better relationships between the startup communities in the Nordic capitals. We hope that by introducing value-added services and sharing best-practices and network, we can contribute to further strengthen the Nordic region’s position as the best place to start tech businesses in the future.

Please feel free to read more about our local organizations on our websites :

Innovation House

The Nordic One alliance also work with the following partners:

Monika Raj (strategic advisor, PR and communications)